At Boo Hair Hairdressers in Bridgend, we now offer 2 types of hair extensions, which include the best hair extension techniques on the market. All of our extensions use either European or Russian hair sourced for its high quality and condition, and can be purchased up to 28″ in length. The hair looks fantastic and can be worn with total confidence that it looks totally natural.  We offer our hair extension services at very competitive prices.

Micro Ring Extensions

Micro Ring extensions are another brilliant strand-by-strand method. This is a great method that does not use any heat or glue and is a great alternative for those afraid of damage that glue may cause. The hair is attached with tiny rings that are matched up to the hair colour. The micro rings are made of metal and have a silicone lining that prevents slipping, breakage and last much longer than other micro rings. For this technique the total price would be around £400.00

Link System Extensions

The hair is placed in using individual strands of hair with links, which are coloured to your natural hair colour. With no heat or glue these extensions will cause no damage to your hair. For highlighted hair the individual strands can be combined with the colours of your hair creating the most natural look. For this technique the total price would be around £700.00 which includes a full head of extensions, a hair extension brush and a cut.

Chris has been trained in London to carry out this service. We offer this service at very competitive prices. Please contact Boo Hair for a free no-commitment consultation TODAY, and go for a beautiful new look.